Jason (code_delphi) wrote,

Speed demon

At least at typing, anyway. Doing the on-line test here, on my first (and only) attempt I achieved 91 words per minute, with no errors. Not bad at all!

Oh, but how nerdy is that?

I learned touch typing when I was in year 9 (14 years old), the only guy in a class full of girls. Back in those days (1985!) computers were still relatively uncommon, and so we were taught using manual typewriters. To this day, I still hit the keys a little too hard, which was necessary on a manual. I also still remember with painful clarity when my little finger slipped and got jammed when going for the 'A' key.

Thanks to computers, I get plenty of practise, and hence have maintained my proficiency. Actually, it's turned out to be one of the useful mechanical skills I've learned, as it allows me to write code without taking my eyes off the screen... and is certainly instrumental in helping to achieve that remarkable creative state of "flow", when time seems to fade away and you become totally immersed in the task at hand.

Keyboards don't seem to be going away; while speech recognition is good, it still seems like it will be years before it'll be actually useful. So, if you haven't yet got around to at least thinking about learning to touch type, I really can't recommend it enough!

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