Jason (code_delphi) wrote,

Here we go again...

As mentioned a couple of weeks back, a group of nutters had predicted the destruction of NYC... which did not (obviously) happen. They still haven't learned their lesson, as they're predicting it again—with a 98% probability of occurring—that NYC is in trouble this coming weekend.

Their faith in this "true bible code" they think they've discovered is remarkable. It allows them to continue to make predictions that never come true. Even the most gullible would begin to question their credibility after so many misses!

It appears that their sincerity cannot be questioned: they really believe this stuff. However, they're just wrong. They could probably find the same kind of patterns, and generate seemingly meaningful predictions, out of atmospheric noise.

I've never understood the idea of faith in something that is logically inconsistent or provably invalid. Believing in something that cannot be proved is one thing, but believing in something that is demonstrably garbage is just plain silly.

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