Jason (code_delphi) wrote,

Beware the Apostrolypse!

This is brilliant (from here):
Q: What is the 'Apostrolypse'?
A: The 'Apostrolypse'is a term for the cataclysmic and final collapse of our planet broughton by the misuse of apostrophe by illiterate people, viz., death by apostrophe. Think of it as worse than nuclear fallout: suffocation of all living organisim's by the relentles's rain of gratuitou's apostrophe's, swelling up as toxic aerial miasma...Variant theory: "Apostroluge," or global destruction by deluge; allair-breathing terrestrial creatures are inundated by apostrophes anddie, reminiscent of Noah's flood except that there's no boat.
I was actually confirming the plural of schema when I came across this (by the by, apparently "schemas" is generally accepted, versus "schemata"). If you are ever in any doubt about your usage of apostrophes, a visit to the Apostrophe Protection Society should clear things up.

With easy access to dictionary.com—I'm still paying my subscription, 'cause I find it so useful—I find myself checking the meaning of words I put into documents and e-mail, when there's any doubt in my mind about its usage in a particular context. I'll also occasionally check grammar or the more obscure cli·chés if they come up.

While this could be interpreted as ludicrously obsessive, I honestly believe that for communication to be effective, the language employed should conform to the currently-accepted usage. It's a shame that such usage changes over time, but there's only so much one can do. :-)

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