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Code Delphi

27 March 1971
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I am a software engineer/architect working for a stalwart of the military/industrial complex. I dream of starting my own programming business, or becoming a writer of SF/fantasy, or perhaps a healer utilising alternative practises. Or maybe all three. At some point I intend to move to a cooler clime: perhaps Tasmania (island state of our island nation) or New Zealand.

Currently, I work too much, leaving me little time for anything else (hiding from your life in work is effective).

I love being outside the city, in green open spaces and hills/mountains, where the air is clean and fresh. I keep reasonably fit, running 5km every day (something I've done for years now) combined with a simple anaerobic weights programme.

I follow no organised religion. At the moment, I tentatively accept the reality of reincarnation and accept some (certainly not all) of the principles of the New Age movement. This is subject to change, as I continue to learn and experience. As they say, the only thing I'm certain of is that I don't really know anything!